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How You Can Help Us
Operation Scarlet is now accepting donations online via PayPal. No PayPal account required.
If you wish to make a donation it is as easy as clicking the "Donation" button below.
Please Note: You will be taken to the PayPal website to make your donation
and upon completing your transaction you will be returned to our site.
The Rescue Kids are always in need of stuff, but here are a few constantly
needed items...

> Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice dry dog food.
> Any toys, especially nylabones, natural bones, rope bones, etc.
> Soy-free biscuits
> Bedding (old sheets, blankets, dog beds)
> Leashes, collars, dog bowls, etc.
> Cash donations for any of the above

A sincere thank you to all who sent donations to Operation Scarlet.
All the homeless Shar-Pei send a "woof" of thanks.
The monthly vet bill is always high and the dog food disappears quickly so
your generous donations are quite helpful and greatly appreciated.
The Sponsor-A-Pei program began in 2003 as a way to save Shar-Pei when the
rescue facility at Operation Scarlet was full. Instead of being unable to save a dog in need,
O.S. placed that dog in a nearby boarding facility. As an empty kennel became available at the
rescue, the dog was removed from boarding and housed at the rescue. The boarding invoice
for the dog was paid through donations by sponsors in the program.The sponsor decides how
many days to pay for a dog's board bill; one day or as many as the sponsor wants.
For more information please contact O.S. at:

Operation Scarlet, Inc.
P.O. Box 8463
Lancaster, PA 17604-8463
(717) 397-6362 voice
(717) 399-9220 fax
Sponsors are desperately needed in the Sponsor-A-Pei program. The cost is $15 per day
to keep these dogs safe at Smoketown Vet Clinic. O.S. cannot always house all the Pei that
need to be rescued. The Sponsor-A-Pei Program keeps them safe until O.S. has an opening.
Actually, sponsors are saving lives of Pei that are on death row. Some of these dogs had only
one or two days left before being put to sleep.