How Can I Help Scarlet's Homeless Shar-Pei?

Many times Operation Scarlet is asked this question, so we’ve comprised a list of some of our favorite ways to help those adorable wrinkled faces at Operation Scarlet, Inc.

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK – each day we put up pictures of the dogs who have come through our doors and also a picture of our Pei of the Week that’s up for adoption.  Please share these posts on your timeline.  The more people who see our dogs, the better chance they have at a forever home.

SPREAD THE WORD – Tell your friends.  For serious inquiries we have informational postcards or direct them to our website for more information about our dogs.

Sell Raffle Tickets – Prior to each luncheon, you’ll receive your letter along with raffle tickets.  It helps the dogs so much, so why not help us sell these tickets – or if that is not an option, consider purchasing them for yourself.  These are for cash prizes and the winners are contacted after both luncheons.

WALK YOUR DOG – Download the free App WoofTrax at the app store.  Register with your name and email address.  In the charity box below, choose other, then go to Pennsylvania, and choose Operation Scarlet, Inc.  Once registered, you click on the app, walk your dog, then click on the app when you’re finished.  It logs the distance you walk with your pet and sends Operation Scarlet a check.

GO SHOPPING – If you use, you can use Amazon Smile and help Operation Scarlet at the same time with no additional cost to you.  Just register under Amazon Smile and choose Operation Scarlet, Inc. from their list of charities.  Next time you shop, log into Amazon Smile and Operation Scarlet will receive a check for a portion of your purchases.

·         Click through before you shop.  Register and choose Operation Scarlet, Inc. and igive links to your favorite stores, making your purchases count when they send a donation check to help the OS kids.  

·         JUST GIVE – Go to, pick Operation Scarlet, Inc. from their list and make a donation.

UNITED WAY?  CHOOSE OPERATION SCARLET, INC. – If your company participates in the United Way Campaign, choose Operation Scarlet and help those wrinkly faces in need.

SAVE YOUR PENNEIES – From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Operation Scarlet holds its annual Pennies from Heaven fundraiser.  You save your pennies or spare change, then count it after Labor Day, convert it to a check and send to Operation Scarlet.

USE OUR SPEND-A-DAY CALENDAR.  During the first quarter of the year when the weather is bad and our fundraising efforts are low, we pick a month and play Spend-A-Day.  The calendar is sent out via email and each block has a price – an example is $0.05 for each time you gave your dog a treat today, $.25 if you took your dog for a walk today, $0.50 if you didn’t.  At the end of the month, tally up your calendar and send a check to Operation Scarlet.

PURCHASE A CALENDAR – Most people purchase wall calendars, so why not purchase one with the Operation Scarlet kids?  Calendars go on sale in October.

ENTER OUR CONTEST -  To enter your dog in our calendar contest, send a picture of your Pei prior to the Spring luncheon with a $5 entry fee.  At the luncheon, people can vote for your dog and the winners are chosen by a raffle drawing.  All dogs entered appear on the back page of the calendar.

CELEBRATE OUR ANNIVERSARY – each year, around February 21, several people send a check for the number of years Operation Scarlet has been rescuing dogs either in honor of or in memory of their Pei.

BECOME AN ASSOCIATE MEMBER – Membership makes you a part of Operation Scarlet.  Dues are $25 annually per person or $40 for two.  You’ll receive a membership card(s) along with an Operation Scarlet, Inc. t-shirt in your choice of size(s).  Contact Operation Scarlet at if interested in becoming an associate.

JOIN SPONSOR-A-PEI – When the rescue is full, we use the boarding services at Smoketown Veterinary Hospital.  Approximately once a year, the coordinator of Sponsor-a-Pei contacts those on the list.  When your turn comes, you can decline or offer a donation of any size to help cover the boarding bill for the dog(s) in need.  We appreciate any amount you are able to send.  Five dollar donations are just as appreciated as larger amounts.  Those five dollars add up and you are keeping a Pei safe that could otherwise be put to sleep at a shelter.

LIGHT A CANDLE – Operation Scarlet Inc. sells memorial candles.  When a candle is purchased, you become part of our special email group.  When a dog passes or to celebrate a special day, an email is sent out to light our candles.

EAT OUT – Several times a year we hold an Operation Scarlet night at Friendly’s and iron Hill Brewery .  You get to enjoy your meal and Operation Scarlet receives 10% of the total bill from Friendly’s and 20% of the total food bill from Iron Hill.

BUY/SELL SUBS OR CANDY BARS – In late January we sell candy bars – you can purchase a bar or two or help us sell them.  Then, several times a year we hold a sub sale.  You can sell subs or purchase them for yourself.  Subs are made by Darrenkamp’s Deli and we arrange for pick up at the rescue.

PURCHASE A BON TON COUPON BOOK – Twice a year Operation Scarlet makes an appearance at BonTon’s Community Days and sells their coupon books for $5.  You get your $5 back in savings plus Operation Scarlet gets the $5 donation and if we sell enough books, we also receive a percentage of the store’s sales on Community Days.  Coupon books are good in store and online and can be mailed to you if you’re out of town.

HELP A RESCUE KID WITH NEEDED ITEMS – The Operation Scarlet “kids” are always in need of things -  here is a list of a few constantly needed items – Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice dry dog food, safe toys such as Nylabones and plush, soy free biscuits & treats, leashes, collars, dog bowls, bedding (sheets and towels)

ATTEND A FUNDRAISER – Operation Scarlet holds many events throughout the year.  Email Dawn at and ask to be placed on our email list.  She will notify you of our events and fundraisers including sub sales, flea markets, candy bar sales, dining events, etc.

DONATE A RAFFLE BASKET – Twice a year Operation Scarlet holds a luncheon.  One in April and one in October.  Consider making and donating a gift basket to be used for our raffle table

VOLUNTEER –If you live in the Lancaster area, Operation Scarlet would love to have you as a volunteer.  Duties may include, walking dogs, feeding dogs, helping at fundraisers, open houses and luncheons, etc.

The list is lengthy, but it helps keep Operation Scarlet's doors open to continue saving homeless Shar-Pei.  Please look over our ideas and hopefully you will consider a way to help Scarlet’s kids.  It is our hope you decide to become a part of this dedicated team of people called Operation Scarlet, Inc.  If you have questions or are interested in helping out in any way, please contact us at 

With your help, Operation Scarlet will be able to continue its mission - Saving Homeless Chinese Shar-Pei